Course Description: Fire Fighter I / Recruit School



Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services welcomes you to recruit school! Our Firefighter I program varies between 12 to 14 weeks in duration. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be required to complete several introductory steps, which will be covered later. 

Chief speaking with recruits

Course Description

This course provides the student with information on the applicable laws, policies, and standards that apply to fire fighting in the state of Georgia. This course will provide the student basic knowledge of where and how the fire service originated and what is happening now current day. The student will learn basic roles and responsibilities of a firefighter, how firefighters have to abide by and work from standard operating procedures and guidelines, as well as how the chain of command works within the system. The student will be provided the knowledge on how to communicate within the fire service in both fire ground operations and everyday responses. 

This course will also provide the student with basic principles and functions of the incident command system. Allowing the student to understand the necessary knowledge and skills to operate within the ICS and their role at the fire station, non-emergency scenes, and emergency calls. 

This course will also cover basic medical topics such as: infection control, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic first aid, and using an AED. 

Hazardous Materials awareness is another component of the Fire Fighter I curriculum. 


Lead Instructor 
Harold J. Weller, III, BS, EMTP

Lt. Jody Weller

Lieutenant Jody Weller is employed with Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services in Riverdale, GA as a Lieutenant/ Training Officer. He has been in the fire service for 29+ years. Lieutenant Weller holds a Bachelor's degree from Columbia Southern University in Fire Administration. Additionally, he has multiple certifications through the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications including Fire Instructor I & II and Fire Officer I- IV. 

Lieutenant Weller has been a Paramedic for 23+ years and is an instructor in BLS, ACLS, and PALS through the American Heart Association.  Currently, Lieutenant Weller oversees the Fire Recruit Program and the High School Fire Pathway Program for Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services. He has been involved in coaching many youth sports and is currently an umpire for high school baseball in Georgia. He has, also, been involved in the Georgia Police and Fire Games for more than 15 years. Personally, Lieutenant Weller is married with three adult sons and one granddaughter.

Recruit School Basics 

Recruit Class in formationHONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT,. . . these are the words that guide our actions at Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services. CCFES is a paramilitary organization. We train new employees, outside civilians, and other fire agency personnel during our 12 to 14 week fire recruit training program. We average 25 recruits per training session. 

  During recruit training you will not only recite them but you will be expected to live by them.  CCFES provides a comprehensive & fast paced Recruit Training School.  

Our Training Staff uses the National Professional Qualifications guidelines and most current training materials to design the demanding coursework that will prepare you for a career in the fire service. You will have outstanding training, the best personal protective equipment and the knowledge that you are surrounded by experienced and competent firefighters.

What to expect as a new recruit

Topics covered during recruit school include written and practical applications.

You will be introduced to all areas of the fire service such as:

  • Fire Behavior & Control
  • Water Supply & Hose Advancement
  • Survival skills in a hazardous atmosphere
  • Building Construction
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Extrication
  • Ropes

Physical Fitness Requirement

What kind of emergency are you “fit” to fight?  Each and every emergency places physical demands on our responders, from medical emergencies to apartment fires and everything in between.  Do not wait to get in shape, START RIGHT NOW!  Our physical agility assessment is designed to simulate not only actions you would perform at a fire but also the fatigue you will endure. As a fire recruit, you will be required to complete the full physical training regiment by the end of recruit school. There are multiple components intertwined within the physical training program to get each recruit prepared for fire fighter work. It is important that you prepare yourself ahead of time to allow your body to adjust to the additional stress. Stretching and basic jogging are a must prior to beginning recruit class. 





Our “Firefighters Combat Challenge” course serves as the physical agility test that candidates are expected to complete, which our fire personnel complete annually. The course consists of several areas of focus to prepare firefighters and recruits alike for the rigors of public safety. The following exercises are posted for you to become familiar with prior to the beginning of class:

1) Stair Climb - (Lower Body) Exercises to prepare you include: Jumping jacks, standing squats, backward lunges, forward lunges, mountain climbers, donkey kicks, sumo squats, leg raises, calf raises and side hops.

2) Hoist - (Upper Body) Exercises to prepare you include:  Push-ups (wide arm, incline, military, hold), triceps dips, chest press pulse, standing wall push-ups, planks, bent over rows, superman, hip hinge, leg raises, and lawnmower pulls.

3) Stair Descent - (Lower Body) Exercises to prepare you include: Jumping jacks, high knees, calf raises, short sprints, and bicycle crunches.

4) Kaiser Sled - (Upper Body) Exercises to prepare you include: Jogging, short sprints, burpees, crossover crunches, side planks, leg raises, push-ups, wall sits, bent over rows, front shoulder raises, and sumo squats

5) Serpentine - (Lower Body) Exercises to prepare you include: Short sprints, calf raises, lunges, side hops, and in and outs.

6) Hose Drag - (Lower Body) Exercises to prepare you include: Hill sprints, lunges, wall sits, squats, donkey kicks, planks, leg raises, mountain climbers, and cross over crunches.

7) Dummy Drag - (Lower Body) Exercises to prepare you include: Planks, wall sits, mountain climbers, burpees, leg raises, calf raises, hip hinge, side and backward lunges, superman, and bicep curls.

It is best to start off with lower numbers of sets and repetitions and gradually increase as the exercises get easier to complete. A VIDEO IS LOCATED AT THE END FOR YOU TO VIEW THE EXERCISES.

Add dynamic stretching into the routine to allow your body to adjust to the physical movements. Below are some guidelines to follow as a beginner:


1) 5-minute Dynamic Warm-Up

  • 20 Jumping Jacks x 2
  • 20 Arm Scissors (across body) x 2
  • 20 Good Mornings (Straight leg toe touches, reach to the sky) x 2
  • 20 Body Twists x 2
  • 20 Arm Circles (Forward and backward)
  • 20 In & Outs x 2

2) 10-20 minute Jog (work up to 2 miles)

3) 20-minute Workout

  • Choose the routine you wish to follow based on the required exercises (See example video)

4) 5-minutes Static Cool Down 

  • Cobra Stretch (Lay on stomach, arch back, straighten arms, head back)
  • Calf Stretch (Push up into a pike position/ runner's blocks, stretch one calf at a time, pressing heel into the ground)
  • Triceps Stretch (Arms together in prayer with elbow together, press upward and hold 10 count)
  • Overhead Triceps Stretch (Place one hand behind head with elbow pointing up, use other hand to press down, chest out)
  • Chest Stretch (Interlock fingers, flip over hands with straight arms, extend over head)
  • Shoulder Stretch (Place out-stretched arm against wall, turn away from shoulder)
  • Sumo Stretch (Stand in an A frame stance, squat down, place hands on thighs, slowly push outward and hold)

5) DONE!!! 

6) Click on the Video link below to watch the exercises.

Recruit Workout Review

Selection Process and Requirements


  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have earned a High School Diploma or GED
  • Have a current valid Georgia Driver’s License
  • Written Exam
  • Physical Agility Test/ Firefighter’s Combat Challenge Course
  • Polygraph
  • Physical & Drug Screening

To view our list of disqualifiers, Click here.

Once these steps are completed, all viable candidate information will be turned over to the Fire Chief and you will be notified if you are chosen for an interview.

To see if we are currently hiring, Click here and look under “Fire & Emergency Services.”  (This page is updated weekly, so check back regularly.)

If we are not currently hiring for Firefighter/Recruit, click here to be placed on a notification list.  You will be contacted via email when the application process opens.

Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services offers Firefighter Recruit, Advanced EMT, and other training courses to non-employees.  To learn about our courses and how to sign up, visit the “Train Here” pages under the Join/Train menu at the top, or click here.

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