This section of the on-line academy contains assignments, course work, quizzes, and test for the initial certification or licensure programs that are offered by the CCFES Training Academy.

Any courses that are password protected (with enrollment keys)should be accessed only by individuals that have pre-registered and HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED to the programs. ENROLLMENT KEYS ARE TO BE USED ONLY BY THE PERSON THAT RECEIVED AN EMAIL WITH THE KEY.

 Notify a member of the Training Academy Staff for access issues.

As a paramedic preceptor, you are required to review the preceptor training videos and complete the thirty (30) question quiz prior to your acceptance as a CCFES EMS preceptor. 

CCFES Recruit Training Program

The quizzes offered on this website are designed to test your knowledge of the material that is taught during the Recruit Training Program. Anyone that is suspected of cheating during the Recruit Training Program will be dealt with very strictly up to and including termination from the department. Questions regarding these instructions should be brought to the attention of the Training Academy Staff



This program is a bridge program that will allow a person that has already obtained FFI certification with a minimum of one year experience to prepare for FF 2 certification. Enrollment key access is required.